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The TYTAP program is an 8-hour course conducted during a two-week period, either in-person or virtual.  The courses are typically held 2 days per week for two consecutive weeks. Our program is approved by the State of Texas and meets the requirements as defined below.

The Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program (TYTAP) provides awareness classes for minors that teach them information and skills necessary to quit tobacco use and avoid using tobacco products in the future.  TYTAP classes are only conducted by trained instructors (individuals) with an active State of Texas TYTAP license.  

This standardized program is 8 hours in length and is designed for youth currently using nicotine products.   When participants are finished, they will receive an official 'Texas Certificate of Completion' to meet requirements of municipal, justice and other courts.   


For Schools:  A major benefit in implementing the TYTAP program in your ISD is giving the youth an opportunity to be fully educated on the negative health effects of vaping.  It is also an opportunity to offer education towards prevention and cessation as opposed to measures that are punitive only.  The goal over time is to see a reduction in underage youth nicotine usage. 


For Parents:  The TYTAP program is not just for youth under court order, but it is a great awareness class for all age appropriate youth.  The two main reasons is the information is geared to prevent future usage and to educate youth that are currently using.   

 Who takes this class?
Youth tobacco awareness class referred by the court, their school, or by a parent/guardian.
  • Youth Tobacco Awareness Program​
  • 8 hours of classroom time
  • $85

Questions or Concerns? or 1-800-510-3111

Please review the class rules:

All classes are back in person.


You MUST attend all the classes to receive an official 'Texas Certificate of Completion' to meet requirements of municipal, justice and other courts.



We have 2 classes in Angleton and one in Pearland at the BACODA Office. 

You MUST register and pay the class fee PRIOR to attending the FIRST day of class.


Questions or Concerns? or 1-800-510-3111

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