Drug Awareness
Education for MINORS

Drug Awareness Education Program for MINORS is a one day, 8 hour virtual course focusing on the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs through group interactions, hands-on activities and presentations.   This class is open to all youth between the ages of 14-18 years old.  

Topics will include:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Vaping 101

  • Drug Trends among Youth

  • Drug Use & Legal Issues

  • Drugs & the Impact on the Brain, Good Decision Making

  • Alternatives to Drug Use and Stages for Changing Behavior. 


Who takes this class?
-This class is open to all youth needing prevention and intervention education pertaining to drug and alcohol use and substance use disorder.  
  • Drug Awareness Education Program for MINORS
  • 8 HOURS /One Day
  • $125.00

Please review the class rules:

All education classes require online registration and payment prior to state.  Classes are offered through a Zoom format.  You must have the ability to access electronics that have video and auditory capability.  You will be required to be onscreen during the entire class.​

Please click the drop down box to review virtual class rules.

▸ All education classes require online registration and payment prior to attendance. You will not be allowed to register the day of the class. ▸ Classes will be conducted via Zoom. ▸ You need to provide a valid email address for class invitations. ▸ Class invitations for all sessions are sent out before the start of the first class. Instructions will be included. Each class has specific instructions to follow. Please prepare ahead of time. ▸ You may access the class via laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with camera. ▸ You must physically remain in front of your computer, tablet, phone with your face visible during the duration of the class. ▸ You must be on time. You will be placed in the “Zoom waiting room” and admitted into class. If you enter the waiting room AFTER the class session begins, you will not be able to join the class. Absence Policies: DWI Intervention: It is important that you attend ALL classes. A maximum of two (2) absences will be allowed during the duration of this class. Each makeup class will cost $50. The makeup class must be scheduled, paid, and taken before the next class date. Classes must be taken in order. DWI Education & Texas Drug Offender Education Program: As per the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation rules, there are no makeup classes available for this course. If you miss any sessions, you will have to pay again to retake the class at a later date. Drug Awareness Program-Minor: Minor must attend the full 8 hours to receive a certificate. TYTAP: TBA

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