Happiness Projects

The following activities/events are part of the “Happiness Projects” funded by a grant from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The intent of the projects are to bring joy and reduce stress to the community. These are small examples of those completed by the Galveston County Community Coalition.

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Galveston's Community Garden

April through July 2022



Seeding Galveston

Grace Episcopal Church


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Dickinson Mural

July 2022

About: The intent of this project is to bring joy, reduce stress, and provide the community of Dickinson with another space in the community to enjoy.


Dickinson Chamber of Commerce

Awards, Etc.

Commissioned Artist:

Gabriel Prusmack

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Care Packages

April through July 2022

About: GCCC provided bags full of symbols of appreciation, which were assembled by the ADA residents.  Once the bags were compiled they were delivered to The Meridian Retirement Home in Galveston and Regal Estates Retirement Home in League City, TX. The senior citizens receiving the goodies were seen smiling and enjoying the items.


ADA Women's Recovery Center

The Meridian Retirement Home

Regal Estates Retirement Home

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Blanket Project

November 2021 - December 2022

About: With the growing concern of distressed Galvestonians, the coalition provided waterproof blankets in waterproof bags (with local resources printed on the bags) and co-ed hygiene kits. All of these items were distributed to those with home insecurities. 


Know Your Worth

Galveston Urban Ministries

St. Vincent's House

Gulf Coast Center

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