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Commit to supporting our community with a donation to BACODA.

For a $35.00 donation, you can provide a one-on-one counseling and drug abuse assessment for someone who might not otherwise afford it.




If you are an Amazon user, you can make a difference while you shop on Amazon! Visit at checkout and Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Bay Area Council On Drugs & Alcohol Inc.

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  • April Ranard
    April Ranard is a Certified Holistic Life/Health Coach and owner of Drops of Health Wellness Center is Nassau Bay, TX. April specializes in Women and Children's health and investigates underlying conditions including lifestyle, environment and individual weak areas of the body. April is very interested in dysfunction and imbalances within the hormone/endocrine, immune, gastrointestinal, detoxification and energy production systems. She targets these dysfunctions and imbalances with the application of nutritional and natural protocols. She believes the body was designed and created to heal itself with the right tools. April's approach is to look at the "whole body" for answers, not just at the symptoms. In looking at the whole body we also must include looking at our home dynamics, careers and workplaces. Together we can create a plan that supports your body's ability to overcome life's challenges and live each day to the fullest with peace, purpose and happiness!


Kroger will donate a portion of your shopping cost to BACODA.  


Go to this link and add BACODA to your shopper card:


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Organization Number:  MC188

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